Subtle pink-purple raw concrete of Velasca


45.4645, 9.1920

The Velasca Tower in Milan, completed in the 1950s, reflects the city’s post-war resurgence and architectural innovation. Its distinctive appearance, marked by irregular, protruding balconies, illustrates the architects’ bold vision. The deliberate use of exposed concrete, an unconventional choice at the time, highlights Milan’s industrial spirit and forward-thinking approach.

Concrete, selected for its durability and flexibility, allowed the architects to realise the tower’s idiosyncratic design elements, including individual character terraces on each floor. Today, as one gazes at the Velasca Tower, the exposed concrete remains a symbol of Milan’s architectural ingenuity. It stands as a testament to the city’s openness to unconventional materials and shapes, shaping its unmistakable skyline.

© Cameron Prentice






The sun-kissed Milanese raw concrete, with its subtle pink-purple undertone, serves as a nod to the Brutalist architectural movement that graced Milan. These pastel hues infuse the urban landscape with a touch of warmth and sophistication, making them an ideal choice for contemporary interior design projects seeking to strike a balance between industrial chic and inviting comfort.

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