Whether you are editing photos, creating a graphic, or working on a mock-up for a new website design, getting the exact colour you want is important. Photoshop makes this easy with the Eyedropper (CMD+i) tool. When you want to match a colour that is already present in your file, you can use the Eyedropper to add that exact shade to your palette.

Inspired by nature

Using the tool is as simple as clicking on the Eyedropper icon, or using the short cut [Command+i], and then clicking on the colour you want to sample within your image. At this point, you are free to use that colour however you want.

Curated combinations for any design

This guide contains a selection of our favourite colour combinations drawn from locations all around the world. Each photograph has been meticulously studied and sampled to provide a unique set of colours that both takes inspiration from and appreciates our natural world. We hope that designers across a whole range of industries, from graphic and interior to fashion and ceramics, can use these combinations to add value to their own work and derive a deeper connection with their surroundings.

Alex Longson. Alex Longson Designer. Alex Longson. Alex Longson Designer. Alex Longson. Alex Longson Designer. Alexander Longson. Edinburgh. Animation.
We want this website to serve as a source of both inspiration and appreciation for the visual world. As well as showcasing the depth and range of colours that the landscape can provide, our mission is to hopefully push creators to use their surroundings as reference points for their work and establish a more conscious connection between nature and design.
Alex Longson + Cameron Prentice

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