Steely green gneiss of Valtournenche


45.8539, 7.5898

Located in the Aosta Valley, Valtournenche charms with its Alpine beauty and classic Matterhorn views. This village serves as both a launchpad for mountain adventures and a refuge for high-altitude seekers. The area boasts the welcoming Refuge Barmasse, a mountain hut that offers shelter and sustenance to hikers and mountaineers. Additionally, scattered mountain cabins offer allure and breathtaking vistas for exploration. Whether hiking, scaling peaks, or admiring Monte Cervino, Valtournenche invites you to embrace the grandeur of the Aosta Valley’s remarkable landscapes.

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Steely green and blue hues emerge from the gneiss of the Matterhorn’s shadowed visage, imparting this Alpine palette with a deliberate impression of stability and resolution. This combination lends itself perfectly to high-end corporate branding, effectively conveying trustworthiness and strength.

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