Rusty red Sligachan bunkhouse below Glamaig Mountain


57.2896, -6.1707

Once an explosive volcanic island, the Isle of Skye is dominated by a horizon of peaks, originating some 60 million years ago.

To the west, shards of molten rock evolved into what has become the menacing Black Cuillin summits. Complete with 11 Munros, the ridge line is considered one of the UK’s most prolific mountaineering feats. Eastward, bubbles of light lava emerged to form the undulating hills of Red Cuillin. Although not reaching Munro status, some are Corbetts: Scottish mountains rising between 762m and 914.4m.

The muse of many a canvas, Sligachan sits neatly between the two ranges. A wander through the glen reveals an enchanting stone bridge and tawny bunkhouse, safely stowed under the snowy peaks of Glamaig.

© Cameron Prentice






The bunkhouses rusty red exterior set in the shadow of the surrounding landscape makes for a darker and more earthy colour combination. Pairing this reddish hue with the complementary green creates a vibrating quality that must be used carefully.

Bold and strong colours such as deep russets and greens, especially when combined with deep blacks provoke a sense of power and dominance. These are useful emotions to deploy in commercial graphic design.

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