Dazzling aquamarine of Harris' waters.


57.878807, -6.947741

Rocky crags and chilly winds may spring to mind when imagining the more remote regions of Scotland, but Harris couldn’t be more different. The island has a mix of rich traditions, stunning scenery and a strong sense of community. As one of the more dramatic islands in the Outer Hebrides, Harris has a bohemian spirit that draws surfers and artists to its sparkling white shoreline and crystalline waters. Juxtaposed with a wild rocky landscape, Harris is full of meadows, lochs, moorlands and castles, all waiting to be explored by the adventurous.

Bounce along the lush terrain in search of a clifftop lookout or explore hidden coastal hamlets and let the silky tropical-like white sand slip between your fingers. Soak up the creative atmosphere and visit the numerous art galleries and craft shops scattered throughout Harris – and in the village of Tarbert, discover the birthplace of the famous Harris Tweed.

© Ewan Harvey






Dazzling aquamarine tones shine through the shallow sea surface to produce a highly memorable and pleasing palette. The white sand gently slopes into the rich Hebridean waters, allowing mild minty green tones to complement the bright key turquoise.

This combination would suit elements of typographic design, such as a curriculum vitae or cover letter, giving the bright colours space and subtlety on crisp white paper.

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