Incandescent reds of Falkland's sunset


56.242282, -3.221134

Nestled between two Lomond hills in the Howe of Fife, Falkland is Scotland’s inaugural conservation village. The jewel in its crown is Falkland Palace, a spectacular French Renaissance royal dwelling beloved by Mary, Queen of Scots. She spent much of her time here pursuing falconry, hunting and playing tennis on the 16th-century court.

The grand 12th-century castle was also once the country residence of the Stuart dynasty. Surrounded by a peaceful garden and orchard, the imposing palace contains centuries-old carvings and elaborate paintings.

Medieval charm oozes from every corner of Falkland. A climb to the top of Falkland Hill exposes enchanting views that glitter against sunset skies and stretch south towards the River Forth, heartland for new and old energy production.

© Innes Graham






A sunset glow bathes this industrial landscape in an incandescent blend of red Damask, metallic copper and mule fawn. Three orange hues dominate the combination to create a highly stimulating but friendly energy, which is underlined by two anchoring dark tones.

This active yet steadying scheme would suit sports teams in their uniforms, mascots, and branding.

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