Gentle earthy range of Droma


57.747, -4.9896

Sitting comfortably next to the Droma River, a little brown bothy peers out onto the peak of Sgurr Mòr – the highest of the Fannichs distinguishable by her cone-like shape.

With minimal amenities and a bed of stone, bothies are simple shelters that welcome the adventurous looking to recharge in the wilderness. Free of charge and available for anyone to use, bothies are left unlocked – a call to those in search of the real outdoors.

This lodging in Wester Ross is visible from the road to Ullapool, but only accessible by foot or bike. Solitary and serene, the hideaway is identified by the evening glow of a log fire, echoed by the laughter of fellow travellers sharing stories and tin cups of Scotland’s finest.

© Cameron Prentice






Like the bothy in this landscape, each tone in the Droma scheme melts into one another, yet remains distinct. This subdued and gentle range can be used in furniture and product design.

A sophisticated colour palette of silvers, chalks and beiges work harmoniously together, giving an attractive and tasteful combination. The silver glow within the mix found at Droma can also promote the positive idea of futurism and development.

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