Peachy sun-washed peaks of Breuil-Cervinia


56.33900, -2.779340

Beyond its natural splendour, Breuil-Cervinia invites you to delve into alpine culture. Explore the rich traditions and folklore of the region while savouring local gastronomic delights. Don’t miss the chance to taste famed dishes like “polenta concia,” a comforting blend of polenta and Fontina cheese, or “seupa à la vapelenentse,” a hearty cabbage and bread soup. And, of course, sample exquisite Italian wines from the Valle d’Aosta. Whether you seek leisurely strolls through lush valleys or exhilarating ski adventures down pristine slopes, Breuil-Cervinia promises enduring memories in the heart of the Alps.

© Cameron Prentice






Playful and light, this colour combination encapsulates the feeling of a long summer evening. The waning westerly sun hitting the glacier capperd Italian peaks creates a perfect peach tone to complement the underlying blues.

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