Amber of the Brachadale coast lichen


57.37012, -6.5263

In a remote location on the Isle of Skye, nature abounds. Rolling hills greet tranquil waters in this sheltered inshore area of the Atlantic, home to Dun Beag Broch – an Iron Age round stone tower only found in Scotland.

From the settlement of Harlosh, a short walk leads to the end of the peninsula where dramatic cliffs reveal stony eyes; layers of basalt rock hollowed by the persistent tug of currents.

Caves, arches and stacks peer out onto the Atlantic, some reaching heights of up to150m. A sea kayaker’s playground, Loch Brachadale is sheltered by overhangs, making it the perfect spot to catch a glimpse of seals, dolphins and wild birds.

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The highlight of this range is the pairing of amber found on the in-shore lichen and pollen-yellow sweater in the foreground. The jet black accent hue gives the combination a contrast that is well suited for branding campaigns, product packaging or other visual identities that require eye-catching aesthetics.

Black indicates life, and is repeated across this colourscape. Historically, the colour black can be traced back to fertile land in Ancient Egypt and soil-rich land worldwide.Therefore this colour is deeply grounding, especially when partnered with a brighter chroma.

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