Pink and purple harmonies of the Black Cuillin Sky

Black Cuillin

57.2458, -6.2371

A lure for mountaineers and geologists alike, the piercing arcs of Black Cuillin stand over950m above sea level. 12km of impressive ridgeline create a ring of jagged summits, characterised by rough gabbro; remnants of an eroded magma chamber that formed approximately 60 million years ago.

Despite a mere 600m gap between the island and mainland, the Isle of Skye feels like a different world. Alpine landscape, blackened spires and rose-tinted skies are a feast for the senses.

Of course, no trip to the island would be complete without a visit to the renowned Talisker Distillery. Heightening smell and taste, a crisp single malt whisky awaits.

© Cameron Prentice






The sunrise glow set against an early winter sky creates a blend of orange, pink and purple hues that harmonise with each other perfectly. Combining these three soft tones in a lattice or lateral design would showcase the best of this colour range.

Peach, a prominent colour in this palette, brings about feelings of comfort. The soft hued gradient of an early morning sunrise draws the viewer into a sense of wholesomeness and ease.

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