Duck egg blue flank of Ben Lui

Ben Lui

56.4098, -4.8552

The snow-capped, sun-drenched peak of Ben Lui stands at 1130m in elevation at the head of Glen Fyne. Considered by many as the finest mountain of the Southern Highlands, the peak is graceful in demeanour and a joy to climb.

The gentler approach starts from Glen Lochy and is a direct ascent to the summit, however a steeper and more challenging route includes a scramble around the northeastern corrie. The trail up Glen Cononish from Dalrigh reveals the true grandeur of the mountain – two peaks towering above Coire Gaothach.

From the south-eastern flank, it is possible to see the sobering site of an RAF Lockheed Hudson that crashed during the Second World War. Remnants of the aircraft remain in a precarious gully of rocky crags and cliffs below.

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This duo-chromatic scheme crescendos from ash white through to duck egg blue into bottle green. We recommend using this combination for modern website designs that require simple, clean and calming interfaces.

Fresh and contemporary in style, this colour scheme uses a tonal blend of colours that are seamless and provide clarity.

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